Microsoft SQL Server 2005 fulltext search case-sensitive

Microsoft SQL Server 2005’s fulltext search is supposed to be case-insensitive. Supposed to be. But actually, it isn’t. For example, the statement:


yields no results, but with a capital “X” 


yields 22 results in my database. Searching around the MS forums a bit I get a feeling it has something todo with locale-specific wordbreaking, but who really cares.

Lesson learnt: transform your fulltext search term to upper case to prevent unpredictable behavior.


Broken links in Joomla sh404SEF plugin when using port other than 80

Since the links generated by Joomla’s SEF module weren’t to my liking, I tried out the sh404SEF plugin on my local development server, which uses port 8080. Broken links everywhere! Digging around in the code (that really qualifies for a post on The Daily WTF) I found that a port other than 80 requires changing a setting in:


Open that file and change

$shDefaultParams['sh404SEF_USE_NON_STANDARD_PORT'] = 0;


$shDefaultParams['sh404SEF_USE_NON_STANDARD_PORT'] = 1;


mysqldump error 13

Just when you thought it would be a smooth and productive afternoon, finishing off a simple database export with mysqldump, errors pop up:

mysqldump: Couldn’t execute ‘SHOW TRIGGERS LIKE ‘catalog\_product\_super\_link”:
Can’t create/write to file ‘D:\temp\#sql_424_0.MYI’ (Errcode: 13) (1)

MySQL’s perror showed me that error code 13 is actually a “Permission denied” OS error. I suddenly noticed that the small McAfee icon in the corner of my screen was a kind of… guilty shade of red. After disabling the virus scanner, the mysqldump worked as expected. Hurray.