McAfee heeft nu ook h4ck0rz op de marketing afdeling?

In een reclame e-mailtje (nee, geen spam want ik heb blijkbaar ooit iets aangevinkt) las ik de volgende zinsnede:

Nieuw! De ingebouwde hulpmiddelen voor het op peil houden van de computerprestatiez   (…)”

Ik snap dat een bedrijf als McAfee hackers nodig heeft om zinnige dingen te doen. Maar pas op dat dat soort gasten niet je marketing afdeling gaan pwn’en!


jQuery 1.3.1 released

jQuery - write less, do more

About a week ago, jQuery 1.3 was released, quickly followed by bugfix release 1.3.1.

In my opinion this is the best Javascript library out there. It is feature-rich but does not overindulge itself with unnecessary stuff, intelligently leaving that to plug-ins. To top it all off, they’ve managed to squeeze unsurpassed performance out of it. Truly amazing! (I wonder what IE8’s native Selectors API will do to the performance.)

Flowing text around an image in HTML

Flowing text around an imageYesterday I wrote a little script (that uses the excellent jQuery library) to flow text around an image in HTML in an unobtrusive way. 

The script dynamically inserts outline DIV elements across an image in the page and then pushes the image into the background. The text then flows around the (invisible) outline DIV elements. The dimensions of the outlines are stored in an XML file in the same directory as its corresponding image to keep things simple. 

I started a Google Code project called flowtext-lib. You can download the archive there. It contains a README file that explains the workings in a more detailed way and also an example HTML file with an image that has text flowing around it.

It was a technique I thought of a couple of years ago but never needed it… well, until yesterday, that is.