Copying text using Javascript URLs and cloud clipboarding!

The company where I’m currently doing a project has two separate networks: one small network that is used by the developers for a new application and
another network, used by the rest of the company, where the application is deployed to.

Today I wanted to copy a small piece of SQL from my PC to the server in the network. Because using a USB memory stick takes too much time (insert the stick, copy the text into a text file, store the file on the stick, etc.) I thought: apart from using webmail, can’t I store the text somewhere on a site and download it from there, preferrably using a small URL?

The first site that comes to mind is But I would then have to create a specific page first and shorten the URL afterwards, wouldn’t I?

Good news: supports javascript URLs! So I simply created a new link to:

javascript:f();function f(){document.write('<pre>the text that needs to be copied goes here</pre>');}

and opened up in a browser on the server and there you go! Cloud clipboarding!


UPDATE: some more Google-ing on the matter revealed two sites that do just this (but easier 😉 which are: and Once again this proves that anything you think up already exists somewhere else.


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